Ibn Taymiyyah’s regret

Question: What was ibn Taymiyyah’s advice/regret on his death bed regarding the Qur’an?

He said, “I refered to over one hundred tafaseer of every single verse of the Qur’an, and now I am dying and I regret that I did not spend enough time with the Book of Allah…” [al-Uqood ad-Durriyah]

Subhaanallah! It was the words from a scholar.

Bearing in mind that he was a master of tafseer himself and all his works reflect his immense knowledge of the Qur’an, yet he regrets not having spent enough time reading and contemplating over it.

The natural ponderance of this would be, “how far behind are we” in even memorising it and refering to two tafaseer?



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